10 proposals for upping your board’s value-added quotient

We nonprofit types tend not to look in the direction of corporate governance for advice, which is terribly short-sighted on our part. As governance guru Richard Leblanc illustrates in a hot-off-the-printer white paper, despite obvious differences in the raison d’être of the sectors, there’s cross-over wisdom aplenty. Good board work is good board work – […]

Isn’t that just like a woman?

In honor of International Women’s Day, a few facts with a feminine flair. Women’s ways of giving: Bank of America Merrill Lynch recently asked the folks over at The Center for Philanthropy at Indiana University to take a look at the giving patterns of high-net-worth women. Here are some fascinating findings from the report. In […]

Questions for lawyers on boards, and the rest of us as well

Virtually every board with which I’ve consulted  — and believe me, that’s a lot of boards — is proud to count a lawyer or two (sometimes more) among its membership. In these litigious times, there’s tremendous benefit in having legal eagles at the board table. But is board service as good for attorneys-turned-board-members as it […]