With abundance, it’s de ja vu all over again

Back in the early 2000s when Growing Givers’ Hearts: Treating Fundraising as Ministry hit the bookshelves, Thom Jeavons and I were chided for under-selling the all too real limitations faced by nonprofits large and small, secular and faith-based. But what a difference 15 plus years has made. These days, abundance thinking is touted as good […]

Generosity in quotes: Nell Edgington

“Nonprofits have to break out of the starvation cycle of never having enough to do more. Instead of embracing the fact that the nonprofit sector is incredibly under-resourced, nonprofits must see past that and envision a future where they have everything they need to accomplish bold social change. It is the very act of turning […]

Generosity in quotes: James Alison

“The word if is the entry to privation, not abundance. . . When we perceive that abundance is no longer driven by scarcity, fear, and if and when we know ourselves loved, we become lovable. Becoming lovable, we do not fear recognizing in public the power of one who walked for us in deep dark […]

Let’s talk about crunch time for nonprofits

I’m known for urging leaders in faith-based nonprofits to grab hold of the promise of God’s amazing abundance. I encourage folks to tune out messages of scarcity and to avoid the hang-dog, poor-us presentation of many ministry organizations these days.   Yet I’m also quick to caution that a casual overconfidence in God’s sufficiency is equally destructive to Christian […]