This summer, vanquish the bully within

With Memorial Day behind for folks in the United States and good-bye to May everywhere, it’s all hands on deck for nonprofits racing toward a June 30 fiscal year-end. Then ah, summer, and with the season, hope of a few days of rest and relaxation or at least a slightly slower pace. In a blog […]

Generosity in quotes: Elisabeth Klein

“It’s okay if things feel off. It’s okay if you don’t know what to think. It’s okay if you have more questions than answers today. You do not need all the answers. God is a great big God. He can handle the questions. He isn’t afraid of your ponderings. I believe he understands how hard […]

Giving ourselves the gift of self-care

This past weekend, my husband and I stepped away from the rat race of our lives for a 48-hour respite with dear friends from Chicago. We had originally planned to meet in a neutral location far from both our homes, but in the end, we hid out at our house here in Dillsburg. It was […]

Surviving the emotional ups and downs of fundraising

“Our emotional lives move up and down constantly. Sometimes we experience great mood swings: from excitement to depression, from joy to sorrow, from inner harmony to inner chaos. A little event, a word from someone, a disappointment in work, many things can trigger such mood swings. Mostly we have little control over these changes. It […]

Rushing toward rest and relaxation

I’m not much good at resting. Never have been and probably never will be. I’m more a Martha than a Mary, regardless how many times I hear Jesus praise my contemplative sister(s) for choosing the better part. Stillness is not my strong point — even when vacationing, as I am doing this week. If the […]