It’s time to vote competition off the island

I love when an idea that’s central in my teaching, writing, and consulting on fundraising is confirmed in the words of a thought leader admired by millions. I beam with satisfaction knowing my message will be amplified many times over by the reach of a significant other — someone like organizational guru and blogger par […]

The problem with “more money” as your final answer

It’s a delight when a big voice from the blogging world – someone smarter, more eloquent, and better known than me – says something that I’ve already said here at Generous Matters. I am gratified when an  issue I deemed important enough to write about gets wider play. And of course, there’s pleasure in knowing […]

IF you want to change your board, THEN . . .

The always insightful Seth Godin’s reminder via his blog that “all change involves an if/then promise” speaks to almost any aspect of organizational life. However, if you’re a regular reader of Generous Matters, then you expect me to apply Godin’s wise principle to board governance and/or fundraising. Not wanting to disappoint, that’s what I’ve done […]

Death to BHAGs and other over-blown organizational rhetoric

With all due respect to Jim Collins, enough with the BHAGs. Please. The idea of pushing ourselves in pursuit of a big hairy audacious goal sounds great on paper. But more often than not, over-sized aspirations hit small to mid-size nonprofits with a BHAM (big horrible awful mess). And substituting “holy” for “hairy,” as I’ve […]

Let’s put social media in its place

Earlier this week, I raised the flag for high touch here at Generous Matters, hoping to capture the attention of nonprofit leaders marching lemming-like toward high tech methods in fundraising. Now check out what some other folks have to say on the topic. From the Nonprofit Quarterly Newswire comes a caution about social media and the ask.  Facebook, we are told,  is  great […]

Worldview, theology, and the way we ask

In a recent post, best-selling author and blogger extraordinaire Seth Godin urges marketers to honor the “worldview” of the folks they are trying to reach. Why? As Godin explains, failing to do so sells short the influence that worldview wields in three key areas: attention, bias, and vernacular. Attention, because we choose to pay attention to those things […]

Procrastinators, read this NOW, not later!

This past week, two of my favorite bloggers, Seth Godin and Steve Thomas, both gave the nod to Steven Pressfield’s Do the Work. That piqued my interest, so I clicked on over to to check out the book for myself. A few pages into the sample sections, I’m hooked (and squirming like a worm). The chapters on beginning and resistance are […]