Finding good governance in Ephesians 4

The invitation to speak to a gathering of pastors and lay leaders about the link between smooth functioning governance and a congregation’s mission effectiveness came with a suggested text for my “sermons.” It was Ephesians 4:16. “From whom the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in […]

Many hands make for great governance

My big project this week is crafting the script for an upcoming In Trust webinar titled “Maximizing the Power of Shared Governance in a Time of Rapid Change” – a topic that’s near and dear to my heart. However this time around, I’m less optimistic my message will be heard and heeded. Shared governance is […]

Shared governance for tough times

These are tough days for leaders in higher education and especially so for those at the helm of a theological school. Everywhere I go, boards and presidents are on the hunt for the big idea — the game changer – the Eureka moment that will save the day. I find little patience for or interest […]

Shared governance and the cooperation instinct

You probably don’t think of Discover, a magazine devoted to science, technology, and the future, as a likely source of governance advice. But that’s what the December issue brought my way via the cover article titled “The Cooperation Instinct: Why Evolution Favors Nice Guys.” To be fair, author Kristin Ohlson would (rightfully) be surprised by […]

Counting shared governance chicks as they hatch

As my adventure in online teaching comes to a close, excuse me for clucking like a proud mother hen. In eight short weeks, the  “chicks” in HIED 512: Organizational Culture and Governance have gone from knowing almost nothing about shared governance to being able to make a strong case for it. I’ve pulled the following […]

My apologetic for shared governance, without apology

If getting a bunch of college, university, or theological school trustees riled up is your idea of fun, try this. Mount a defense of shared governance. It works every time for me. Case in point, a letter to the editor of In Trust magazine in follow-up to a pair of pieces that my provost husband […]

Finger-pointing doesn’t raise a dime

Rarely a week goes by that I don’t hear from an exasperated CEO seeking help in ratcheting up his or her board’s involvement in fundraising. If board members were only doing their part, all would be well for the nonprofit organization represented on the other end of the phone line. Or so the CEO’s comments […]