Generosity in quotes: Gaping Void

“There’s something magical about kindness. It’s an element we no longer expect in our day-to-day interactions, but it’s something we long for. The thing about exclusivity is that it’s really, really lonely. It seems cool to be the girl in the sunglasses, the guy who never picks up his phone, but there’s a lot of […]

Generosity in quotes: T. J. Addington

“A meal to those who need it, praying for those who are hurting, a visit to someone in the hospital or retirement home, a word of encouragement. Everyone can be rich in good deeds. Each of us has certain skills that can be generously shared with others.” T. J. Addington, Senior Vice President with the […]

Generosity in quotes: Seth Godin

“Sharing an idea you care about is a generous way to change your world for the better.” Seth Godin, author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker, from a blog post titled “You are what you share”

Generosity in quotes: Tim Sanders

“When you represent knowledge, opportunity, selflessness, and intimacy, you are not just a service provider or a product. You are fun, you are interesting, you are valuable; you take people places they have never heard of, you show them books they have never heard of, you introduce them to people they never dreamed they would […]

I found my obituary

Not that I anticipate needing an obituary soon. But when the time comes, I can’t imagine a lovelier tribute than what the The Agitator guys had for marketing guru and blogger extraordinaire Katya Andresen. Upon learning that Katya is moving on from Network for Good, the nonprofit she helped found, to ePals, a public company in […]

Reflections on two years as a blogger, two weeks late

Is my face red! I let the second anniversary of Generous Matters slip by unheralded. Okay, so two years is but a blip in the blogosphere. For me, however, it’s a big deal. When I first put fingers to keyboard on March 3, 2011, I didn’t know where this blogging thing would take me. Three […]