Following the lead of Generations X, Y, and Z and “liking” it

Not long ago here at Generous Matters, I chided churches for being late to the technology revolution, citing my congregation as a case in point. That the article was one of my most viewed to date suggests I touched a nerve – as did the push back I received from some readers. But truth be […]

Ride the social media bandwagon to fundraising success

The board chair bristled when I suggested the ministry’s website was short on information about why gifts matter. “I don’t look at websites to figure out where to give. Why would we put our financial problems out there for everyone to see?” he snapped back at me. I back-pedaled furiously, assuring the offended chair I […]

Five timely resources for social media challenged nonprofits

There’s nothing new in the news that social media is where “it’s” at. Never mind that most of the folks delivering that news aren’t completely certain themselves what “it” is. This we believe. If our organizations aren’t operating from robust social platforms, we’re sunk – or soon will be. If all the technology choices are […]

Friday reflections on another week of Generous Matters

Fiddling while leadership churns: According to a Bridgespan Group survey of more than 150 nonprofit leadership teams, leadership development and succession planning for senior leader positions is the single greatest organizational weakness nonprofits face. To determine where your organization stands on the preparedness continuum, check out the free online diagnostic survey. You’ll be asked to […]

If you think social media doesn’t matter, think Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood.

To anyone who continues to pooh-pooh the importance of social media – consider the recent squabble between women’s health care titans, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation and Planned Parenthood. Forget the politics (of which there are plenty). The real teachable moment in the brouhaha is what happens when an organization “ jumps […]

Let’s put social media in its place

Earlier this week, I raised the flag for high touch here at Generous Matters, hoping to capture the attention of nonprofit leaders marching lemming-like toward high tech methods in fundraising. Now check out what some other folks have to say on the topic. From the Nonprofit Quarterly Newswire comes a caution about social media and the ask.  Facebook, we are told,  is  great […]