The most generous among us were home schooled.

In generosity, that is. The earliest and longest lasting stewardship education begins at home, as parents and grandparents talk and walk the importance of giving to others. To paraphrase the author of Proverbs, when we train up children in the way they should go, the training sticks – including when it comes to stewardship practices. […]

In someone else’s words: Glen Taibl

While Generous Matters is on hiatus, I’ll use this space to highlight blogs that regularly encourage, challenge, and/or delight me. Today’s insight comes from Luther Seminary’s Center for Stewardship Leadership e-newsletter. In a helpful article titled “When Jesus Talks about Money,” the Center’s co-director Glen Taibl points to “Jesus’ focus on our relationship to money […]

It’s okay to label yourself as generous. Really, it is.

I’m fascinated at how people are comfortable applying all sorts of labels to themselves – extrovert or introvert, energetic or laid-back, punctual or habitually late – but balk at generous. I noted this hesitancy most recently at a gathering of Christian stewardship leaders – the very folk I expect to be comfortable with the moniker. […]

If not in church, then where will “nones” learn to give?

A friend who is both the president of a Christian college and a proud grandfather talked about spending a recent Sunday morning on a lacrosse field along with hundreds of young players – his grandson among them – and their families. “I doubt that more than a handful of those parents had church on their […]

Proud mama keep on bragging

Whenever two or more parents of young adult children gather, there’s sure to be bragging in their midst. A great promotion, super cute baby, new house, latest degree. Almost anything can get a proud parent talking. Been there. Done that. I confess. There’s a topic, however, that doesn’t get much brag-time. It’s the giving habits […]