Generosity in quotes: David P. King

“The power of money in our lives is too great to view stewardship as managing finances by simply moving money from one column to another. Stewardship is rather tending our souls, aware of our unique fears and desires, nurturing our relationships with money as it marks a way of life and leading us to experience […]

Generosity in quotes: Amanda J. Garcia

“As a gardener tends young plants to yield a great crop, and a parent teaches a child to generously give to others, so leaders might cultivate their communities by offering space to work, a seat at the table, and a voice to be heard — and all in the name of good Christian stewardship: investing […]

Generosity in quotes: Tom Fiebiger

“Maybe our stewardship of white privilege looks like relinquishing seats on boards to people of color? Does it look like empowering people of color to ‘run things’? Maybe it means asking hard questions, challenging broken economic, educational, and justice systems that perpetuate racism. We can also question our own implicit racist responses to things we […]

Generosity in quotes: Alexandra Benson

“My Urban Servant Corps journey led me to confront the painful realities of homelessness and poverty but also invited me to experience what it means to give generously out of God’s promise of abundance. Stewardship calls us to recognize the abundance among us and to creatively seek out how it may be shared with the […]

Generosity in quotes: Mike Slaughter

“Every Christian knows that we are called to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. But what about our wallet? We get asked to open it every Sunday when the offering basket comes by and are told that’s being a ‘good steward.’ There is no clearer indicator of our ultimate values than […]

Driving the luddites out of the temple

To say that the congregation with which I worship is late to the technological revolution is an understatement. We’ve been one projector short for weeks and no one seems to notice the blank screen on the left. The church’s website is difficult to navigate. Our Facebook page has racked up a grand total of 15 […]

A scholarship with stewardship modeling on the side

For Ken and Renee Moreland, the scholarship funds they’ve established at Messiah College (the school where my husband serves as provost) aren’t just about helping students afford a Christ-centered education, as praise-worthy as that is. Nor is their giving simply what a good board member does (Ken serves on the college’s board of trustees), as […]

Generosity in quotes: Grace Duddy

“Stewardship is an act of gracious discipleship founded upon the premise that all that we have and all that we are belongs to God. We are to be good managers of all that God has entrusted to our care. When stewardship is looked at holistically, taking into account all of what God has entrusted to […]

The fault of too much generosity

The featured person must have been extraordinarily special if his or her family was willing to spring for a two-column wide, boxed obituary in the local newspaper. That’s my assumption, and when it happens, I take notice. This past Sunday, there were two such entries, book ending the spread of shorter obits. One of the […]

Generosity in quotes

“Your offering is not a tip for a good sermon, nor are you paying for services rendered. Your stewardship, bringing your tithes and offerings to the community in which you worship, is a spiritual practice that comes right out of scripture. The people Jesus taught and healed lived in grinding poverty. And then there were […]