Tipperary, the long walk, and fundraising

“The leadership pool has never been more shallow,” a recently retired pastor commented as a carload of us hurried to the airport following a seminary board meeting. “Why do you think that is?” I asked. “Too few folks are willing to do the long walk,” he replied. Heads nodded knowingly as the wise board member […]

Punching up your fundraising program

The description of a small but feisty nonprofit as “punching above its weight,” caught my attention. Not that I’m a fan of boxing metaphors (or boxing, for that matter). It was the clarity of the message that got me. This is an organization that’s performing beyond expectations, the phrase suggests. This is an organization that’s using the […]

7 requisites for doing fundraising well

I find it fascinating how the questions that come my way run in cycles. In May the phone calls and emails were all about board self-assessment. This month the queries have tended toward fundraising. I’ve heard from ministry entrepreneurs seeking advice on how to build a support base for their start-up organizations. I’ve fielded calls […]

Finger-pointing doesn’t raise a dime

Rarely a week goes by that I don’t hear from an exasperated CEO seeking help in ratcheting up his or her board’s involvement in fundraising. If board members were only doing their part, all would be well for the nonprofit organization represented on the other end of the phone line. Or so the CEO’s comments […]