Generosity in quotes: Melinda Gates

“Technology is just a tool. It’s a powerful tool, but it’s just a tool. Deep human connection is very different. It’s not a tool. It’s not a means to an end. It is the end — the purpose and the result of a meaningful life — and it will inspire the most amazing acts of […]

Following the lead of Generations X, Y, and Z and “liking” it

Not long ago here at Generous Matters, I chided churches for being late to the technology revolution, citing my congregation as a case in point. That the article was one of my most viewed to date suggests I touched a nerve – as did the push back I received from some readers. But truth be […]

Driving the luddites out of the temple

To say that the congregation with which I worship is late to the technological revolution is an understatement. We’ve been one projector short for weeks and no one seems to notice the blank screen on the left. The church’s website is difficult to navigate. Our Facebook page has racked up a grand total of 15 […]

Tales of donations almost derailed by technology

Unless you’re a 21st century Rip Van Winkle, you’ve likely heard technology touted as the fundraiser’s new best friend. What you may have missed is that technology is also a tease. Just when think you’ve achieved techno-Nirvana, up pops another possibility. A nifty new function. An emerging platform. Yesterday’s hot innovation is today’s yawn. Fearful […]