And all God’s people (should) say thank you

“I think that Christians generally are poor at expressing gratitude or celebrating.” So wrote a reader in response to a recent Generous Matters post about the healthful benefits (among many) of an attitude of gratitude. I wish I could argue with her sorry claim, but sadly, I have met my share of ingrates among the […]

A thank you a day keeps the doctor away

As the calendar flips from November to December, there’s more in the air than a feeling of Christmas. I’m talking germs. ‘Tis the season for runny noses, coughing, and that stuffed up feeling. At times such as this, a flu shot is a good idea. However, as an article posted to the FastCompany blog tells […]

Generosity in quotes

“I learned what I must have forgotten somewhere in my busy, well-planned, and very ‘useful’ life. I learned that everything that is, is freely given by the God of love. All is grace. Light and water, shelter and food, work and free time, children, parents and grandparents, birth and death — it is all given […]

“Thanksgiving” is God’s never-secret, free-for-all-to-use password

Passwords are the bane of my online existence. I create them and promptly forget. I jot them down, then lose the paper. It’s enough to make me scream. So imagine my dismay upon learning that a problem with passwords — or one password in particular — can also mess with my spiritual life. That’s the […]