I found my obituary

Not that I anticipate needing an obituary soon. But when the time comes, I can’t imagine a lovelier tribute than what the The Agitator guys had for marketing guru and blogger extraordinaire Katya Andresen. Upon learning that Katya is moving on from Network for Good, the nonprofit she helped found, to ePals, a public company in […]

If you think social media doesn’t matter, think Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood.

To anyone who continues to pooh-pooh the importance of social media – consider the recent squabble between women’s health care titans, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation and Planned Parenthood. Forget the politics (of which there are plenty). The real teachable moment in the brouhaha is what happens when an organization “ jumps […]

Forget the stuff, give ‘em information

It started with a post from Oneicity.  Blogger Steve Thomas  claims that major donors stop giving not because they’re mad, but because we don’t give them reasons to do otherwise.  The solution? Right now, before you get into the 4th quarter insanity…help some of your major donors understand the difference they are making. Don’t ask […]

Speaking up for high touch in a high tech world

Can someone please get John Naisbitt on the line? For more than 30 years, his notion of high tech/high touch has held sway. But now, as  social media takes the world by storm, the idea of touch seems as passe as a rotary dial telephone. Even the smallest, most grassroots-bound nonprofits are being urged (dragged) on to the technology band wagon. The push […]