Monkeys see, monkeys do. But not in the boardroom, please.

My apology for casting dispersion on the good folks sitting on boards of nonprofit organizations. But hey, I’m one of you.  And if I’m willing to confess my share of monkeying around in the boardroom, so can you.  So put down that banana and listen up.  Stop aping other people’s best practices and start thinking […]

Cadence, the 20 Mile March, and God’s abundance

Today I begin work with a strategic planning committee at a nearby faith-based nonprofit. As is true for virtually all organizations of its type, there are serious issues to be addressed ASAP and patience is running thin even before the planning has commenced. Although not included among the deliverables listed in my letter of agreement […]

Friday afternoon reflections on another week of generous matters

Matching walk to talk – My friend Mark Vincent’s caution about using “Christian” as an adjective isn’t just for business owners. His words have application for fundraisers well. Swap out “fundraiser” for “business” and “donors” for “customers,” and you get the point. I hear “Christian business” and I want (expect) standards to be higher. I suspect most everyone else does as well. […]

Even good ideas may have to die

On first read, the phrase “murder board” is a jolt to pacifist sensibilities. But not to fear. It’s excess ideas, not the folks who dream them up, that author and Silicon Valley strategist Nilofer Merchant targets in The New How: Creating Business Solutions through Collaborative Strategy. She explains: Murder boarding is a kind of counter-weight […]