Beyond subsistence: 8 basic business principles for nonprofit sustainability (Part 2)

You’ve had a couple of days to mull over the first four principles of nonprofit sustainability ala an article in the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of The Nonprofit Quarterly. (If you missed the post to which I’m referring, you can find it here.) Now it’s on to another set of pointers for heading your organization in […]

Beyond subsistence: 8 basic business principles for nonprofit sustainability (part 1)

A recent post here at Generous Matters reminded members of nonprofit boards that its their responsibility to watch over mission fulfillment with economic vitality. Now along comes The Nonprofit Quarterly with a set of basic business principles for moving your nonprofit from a hand-to-mouth existence to long-term sustainability. Management gurus Kate Barr and Jeanne Bell […]

360 degrees of misery

A few posts back, I wrote about potential pitfalls in CEO evaluation, drawing upon advice I give to boards of theological schools. I stressed the importance of doing no harm – a caution that is reinforced in a recent issue of The Nonprofit Quarterly. Specifically, NQ takes on the ever popular, but potentially lethal 360° […]

Generosity in quotes

As students stream on to college campuses across North America, consider the following advice. “Today’s young adults are increasingly looking for ‘tribes that make a difference’ — they want something more than just to belong to a ‘happy gang.’ The challenge for nonprofit organizations is to trust these young people to take the opportunities and […]

Let’s put social media in its place

Earlier this week, I raised the flag for high touch here at Generous Matters, hoping to capture the attention of nonprofit leaders marching lemming-like toward high tech methods in fundraising. Now check out what some other folks have to say on the topic. From the Nonprofit Quarterly Newswire comes a caution about social media and the ask.  Facebook, we are told,  is  great […]