In lieu of New Years resolutions or three words for the year, a Psalm for 2018

A half-decade or so ago, I swapped out three words for the usual (and useless) annual exercise in futility known as resolution making. No more big promises and grandiose aspirations for me, just simple, short, and sketchy — broad-stroke descriptors of the kind of person I want to be versus boldly stated declarations of intended […]

My three words for your 2017 fundraising success

In the week since I chose and announced to the world my three words for 2017, several times the trio has crept into conversations with the good folk with whom I work as a fundraising consultant. Not that I’m surprised. Curiosity, courage, and grace, all three, are key to success in raising money. Hear me […]

My three words for 2015

A few years back (2012 to be exact), I traded one-word aspirations for full-blown New Year’s resolutions. At the time, it sounded less a challenge to live into a few syllables than to follow through on complete sentences. Three years and nine words later, I know otherwise. Whether in a few words or many, committing […]

My three words for 2013

January 2012 marks the spot on the calendar of my life where I threw in the towel on resolution making, going instead with blogger Chris Brogan’s three-word solution to my annual exercise in failed intentions.  After careful thought and overdue attention to the Holy Spirit’s nudging, for 2012 I selected “be,” “still,” and “know” as […]

Quiet on the set (of life)

As regular readers of Generous Matters may recall, in lieu of New Year’s resolutions, I chose to go with three words to guide my steps in 2012. After a bit of pondering, I settled on “be,” “still,” and “know.”  If my word-trio has a familiar ring, think Psalm 46, verse 10. From January 1 on, […]

Reporting in on my three words for the year

We’re halfway into 2012 and my blog-stated intention to make this the year of “be,” “still,” and “know” continues to elude me. If anything, my schedule is more hectic now than when, back in January, I determined to slow my life down. A lot of days — too many, if truth be told — it […]