The 10 percent solution to what ails our country

The long-term impact of declining church attendance is obvious – at least to me. As fewer people find their way into America’s churches, fewer people are giving as an expression of their faith. Empty seats in houses of worship translate almost immediately into fewer dollars contributed to all kinds of charitable causes – both faith-based […]

So what that evangelical leaders are divided over tithing?

My friend Devin Manzullo-Thomas over at The Search for Piety and Obedience tipped me off to waning loyalty to the biblical tithe among evangelical leaders. In a survey sponsored by the National Association of Evangelicals, 58 percent of respondent said they do not believe the Bible requires a tithe, while 42 percent said they do. Interestingly, 95 percent […]

Down to their last tithe

Shame on the editors of Christianity Today magazine for leveling one more kick to the shin of church folks who’ve hit a rough patch on the road of life by asking if “the jobless” should tithe on their unemployment checks. And double shame for what the question  implies — that the rest of us are cheerfully handing […]