Generosity in quotes: Olivia Whitener

“Being a member of a church comes with many expectations. But so does being a Christian. A theological belief in salvation through grace alone roots my faith, but so does the action of giving of my time, talents, and earthly possessions to those who have less. I am both loved by God as an individual, […]

Generosity in quotes: Sarah Kehrberg

“Many books have been written and seminars developed around tithing. There are formulas and strategies. I suggest a simple plan. Write down your income for the month. Move the decimal one place to the left. Write a check. It’s as simple as that.” Sarah Kehrberg, editor of The Mennonite Handbook, from a column titled “Only […]

Speaking of money in church

The spring issue of Leadership Journal had me with the cover and then continued to reel me in with article after article on two of my favorite topics – money and ministry. I could have done without the tagline, “Funding your ministry without losing your soul.” But I understand the editors’ dilemma. It’s likely the […]

Don’t let your church be a casualty in the offering wars

Move over worship wars. There’s a new battle brewing in North America’s churches, this one focused on the Sunday morning offering. Fewer of the faithful carry cash these days, and for younger worshipers, writing a check is as old school (and annoying) as email. But tradition dies hard. Stewardship stalwarts cling to their collection plates […]

Damned if you tithe and damned if you don’t

Lost in the kerfuffle over Mitt Romney’s tax returns is a sorry story about how Americans’ (including good church folks) have come to think about charitable giving. When a family of limited means is faithful in tithing a full 10 percent, we cheer. Nothing beats a good widow and her mite story for warming hearts. […]

Generosity in quotes

“Most of us have heard a sermon or three about generous giving and tithing. It is far more rare to hear messages about dealing with the challenge of living in a society (and at times, a church culture) that treats covetousness as a virtue. It may be rarer still to admit that each one of […]

Remembering my father, who taught me well that generous matters.

Over the years, I’ve been blessed by stories of godly parents and grandparents who both talked the talk and walked the walk of generosity. This includes the following tale told to Thom Jeavons and me as we did research for our book,  Growing Givers’ Hearts: Treating Fundraising as Ministry. A woman recalled learning about tithing […]

The 10 percent solution to what ails our country

The long-term impact of declining church attendance is obvious – at least to me. As fewer people find their way into America’s churches, fewer people are giving as an expression of their faith. Empty seats in houses of worship translate almost immediately into fewer dollars contributed to all kinds of charitable causes – both faith-based […]

Generosity in quotes

“Paul thinks everything we have is the result of God’s grace, that the material and the spiritual are tied together, and that our responsibility is to see that God’s grace is such that our duty is to pass the grace — we get in order to give. God rescues us and we respond materially, and […]

So what that evangelical leaders are divided over tithing?

My friend Devin Manzullo-Thomas over at The Search for Piety and Obedience tipped me off to waning loyalty to the biblical tithe among evangelical leaders. In a survey sponsored by the National Association of Evangelicals, 58 percent of respondent said they do not believe the Bible requires a tithe, while 42 percent said they do. Interestingly, 95 percent […]