If a Harvard prof thinks trustees are a good idea . . .

It’s six weeks into the eight-week online course I’m teaching in Messiah College’s master’s in higher education program and I’ve yet to convince all 17 of my students that governing boards are a smart idea. That volunteers with limited involvement in the day-to-day are calling the shots for America’s colleges and universities doesn’t sit any […]

My apologetic for shared governance, without apology

If getting a bunch of college, university, or theological school trustees riled up is your idea of fun, try this. Mount a defense of shared governance. It works every time for me. Case in point, a letter to the editor of In Trust magazine in follow-up to a pair of pieces that my provost husband […]

Advice to boards: In bad economic times, keep on doing the same good things

When asked what boards of faith-based nonprofits should be doing in these tough economic times, I respond: What you should have been doing all along. In good times and in bad, the chief duty of a board is to lead with the best possible governance. My charge to boards of theological schools in a recent issue of In […]