Is that a choir I hear singing the praises of fundraising as ministry?

When a colleague commented on the ease with which I respond to questions about best practices in board governance, I shrugged off the compliment by pointing to my almost 30-year focus on the topic. “There’s not much I haven’t said by now,” I quipped. “Again and again and again,” he added with a chuckle. My […]

Generosity in quotes: Laura Meitzner Yoder

“Interruptibility frees me to be accessible and to relate to specific people in the path of my day, not hoarding my attention and energy for building only those linkages I may have defined as professionally strategic. How willing am I to view this interrupting situation as potentially more important work than what I had scheduled […]

Generosity in quotes: John Fea

“The events of September 11th have taught me that men and women act heroically when they do what they are called to do. . . As we commemorate, let’s draw strength for our callings from the sacrifices of those men and women who were faithful to their callings. Let’s use their example to rethink the […]

Friendship, vocation, and staying the course

In a lovely post over at Faith & Leadership, blogger Michael Jinkins identifies friendship as what sustains him most in his ministry of leadership. Jinkins is a seminary president, which means he knows a thing or two about the  stresses, loneliness, and risk of burn-out that come with leading.  In fact, it’s the day-to-day grind […]