Generosity in quotes: Eric Barreto

“Our relationship to the ‘stuff’ of life can still change. Whether such change requires that we sell all and give it to the poor is not entirely evident, though we ought to take seriously that possibility. In the end, we ought to confess that our culture and our contemporary relationship to wealth and possessions are […]

Generosity in quotes: Paul Gaffney

“Over time we all forget that service is what we human beings are meant to do. We forget Jesus’ charge to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. We forget the prophets, who urge us to open our cupboards to hungry people and provide shelter for those who are homeless. The culture of competition combines […]

Generosity in quotes

“Frankly one thing that doesn’t count forever is wealth that is left over at the end of our lives, wealth unused in any worthy cause whatsoever. From a biblical point of view, you see that some day, eventually the end will come. As we read 2 Peter 3:10, we see that the earth will be […]

Giving is a lousy wealth buiding strategy

It’s become a rite of tax season at our house. My husband wraps up his prep work with the benediction, “If we didn’t give so much, we would have a lot more money.” I nod and we move on. There’s nothing to discuss. Giving is a lousy wealth building strategy, regardless who you are. (Case […]