Crying for Omran

As a teen-ager, I glibly committed to letting my heart be broken by the things that break God’s. However, the older I get, the less my heart is able to deal with all this world holds. There are times when challenges within a ten-mile radius of my home are enough to overwhelm me, let alone […]

Please read this if you are concerned about furloughed federal employees.

As the government shut down here in the U.S. enters a third week, my heart is heavy for individuals and families who are without a paycheck while our elected officials play a crazy game of chicken. A week ago I passed along suggestions for how churches can step into the breach created by the legislative […]

WWJD while the US government is shut down

The weekend before the wise ones in congress chose to shut down the U.S. government rather than compromise, my husband and I were in Fairfax, VA for our 3-year old granddaughter’s birthday party. No surprise that legislative shenanigans dominated conversations. Several of the moms and dads faced the prospect of weeks without a paycheck and […]