This one thing for year-end fundraising success: listen

LISTEN. We fundraisers tend in the direction of extroversion. We’re talkers, schmoozers, people-people. We have the gift of gab. Which is all good — most of the time. We are, after all, expected to be winsome. To make a compelling a case for the organization we represent. To tell a good story. And of course, […]

When raising funds, mind the empathy gap

As development staff faced with a June 30 fiscal year-end prepare for the last quarter rush toward their fundraising goals, questions about how best to craft appeal letters are showing up (again) in my email inbox. The queries are pretty much the same from year to year, as are my replies. Q: Is a heart-warming […]

Don’t worry if you missed the year-end giving rush. Generosity hasn’t gone away.

Over the coming months, I look forward to exploring with Generous Matters readers some of the myths and silly tales that inform the way development staff, CEOs, and board members think about and approach fundraising. I do so knowing that old ways aren’t given up easily and that fundraisers are firm in believing the “true […]

Jitters, generosity, and year-end giving

America’s nonprofits are in full ask mode as the clock runs down on 2013, and everyone, it seems, is feeling a little shaky. Despite amazing news out of Wall Street, the folks on Main Street aren’t so confident. Unemployment remains high across the United States and credit card debt has taken an up-tick in recent […]