Generosity in quotes: Henri Nouwen, Donald McNeill, and Douglas Morrison

“More important than any particular action or word of advice is the simple presence of someone who cares. . . We have lost the simple but difficult gift of being present to each other . . . we have been led to believe that presence must be useful . . . we have forgotten that […]

This one thing for year-end fundraising success: Tell a good story

TELL A GOOD STORY. “Any brand of toothpaste is peddled with far more sophistication that the life-saving work of aid groups.” Nicholas Kristof Which, as FastCompany blogger Adele Peters explains, is why and how nonprofits that are represented by staff who can tell a good story, get noticed and get gifts at year-end. And in […]

This one thing for year-end fundraising success: Ask

ASK. According to the folks at Better Fundraising, it’s the ONE THING you (and every other fundraiser) should do for sure at year-end. “The job of your fundraising from mid-November on is to remind your donor to send in a gift, not to persuade them. Just Ask. Ask Boldly. Ask without fear. Ask knowing that […]

Déjà vu, year-end letter writing, and other challenges of the season

To fundraisers who’ve been on the job more than a couple of fundraising cycles, cranking out yet another year-end appeal letter can feel like déjà vu all over again. Keeping it fresh is a challenge and all the more so when the work of your organization flows on, as it should, in endless sameness. Nonprofits […]

Five questions to ask before spending money on that “great” idea

The day after I posted “Six questions to ask and answer before asking my advice,” up popped a similarly themed bit of writing on Wesley Seminary’s Leading Ideas blog. (If you’re not already a subscriber, I encourage you to become one today.) To be sure, there’s a difference in the focus of the two pieces. […]

Six questions to ask and answer before seeking my advice

“What do you think about giving clubs? I’ve noticed that lots of nonprofits have them.” “Our board thinks we should start an endowment program. What’s your advice?” “I’ve been hearing a lot about crowdfunding. Is that something we should try?” Several times a month, I get questions like these from harried fundraisers on the hunt […]

Generosity in quotes: Celeste Kennel-Shank

“. . . the truth about ourselves begins with being honest about our innermost thoughts and motivations. From that ground, we can do the work of transforming our communities into places for all to know both the truth and the grace of God.”   Celeste Kennel-Shank, news editor for Christian Century and community gardener in […]

Generosity in quotes:

“The hardest story to share is the one that cuts us deep. The one we don’t want to reveal. The one that proves our own brokenness. Yet if God has brought you any level of healing, it’s important to share that hope and healing with others. When we share the stories we don’t want to […]

Rusty pleasures and heaven-stored treasures

I don’t know that he meant to, but organizational theorist Seth Godin has done it again. He’s provided yet another argument for encouraging God’s people (all people, for that matter) to live generously. This time around, Godin contrasts pleasure and happiness – concepts that many folks confuse one for the other. But as Godin tells […]

Generosity in quotes: Rev. Dr. Nicole Martin

“God is with us. This is the greatest truth of the Christian faith and the greatest gift we can give to the world. We are called to be with those who suffer. Violence and anger are symptoms of deeper hurts. Believers can be with those who hurt by creating spaces for people to be heard, […]