This one thing for fundraising success in 2018: say thank you

SAY THANK YOU. For much of November and December, I filled your blog box with reminders of “one more thing for year-end fundraising success.” If any of my suggestions helped you raise more money, praise God. I look forward to hearing shouts of thanksgiving and glowing reports of the generosity of God’s people to the […]

Generosity in quotes: Christopher Gehrz and Mark Pattie

“In a lonely society, to listen is to love. And in a polarized society, to listen is to offer a winsome witness. . . There are no guarantees as to what others will choose to do when we choose to listen, any more than there are when we choose to speak. But we can take […]

This one thing for year-end fundraising success: make it easy

MAKE IT EASY. One of the oddities of the nonprofit world is that so many organizations make giving so hard for donors to do. Within a sector where mission fulfillment is funded largely by the gifts of generous folk, making it easy to give should be a priority. All the more so at year-end. These […]

Generosity in quotes: Juli Fraga

“While the idea of offering loved one the gift of our time may pale in comparison to giving them a lavish present, recent empathy research shows shared human experiences can tighten social bonds. . . Despite personality differences, most people agree on what makes us feel loved — the presence of our loved ones.” Juli […]

This one thing for year-end fundraising success: focus

FOCUS. During this jolly, holly time of year, staying the course isn’t easy. Distractions lurk around every corner. The siren call of one more good idea or activity tempts. However, when fundraising success at year-end is your goal, you dare not/must not be pulled this way and that by the events of the day — […]

Generosity in quotes: Sarah Renfro

“Using one’s voice to lift laments and praise is pastoral. Using one’s voice to speak truth to power, call out injustice, and advocate for the broken, is prophetic. Voice is a gift, and for those of us called by God to lead with justice, we have the responsibility of stewardship. May we use our voice […]

This one thing for year-end fundraising success: trust

  TRUST. All the hoop-la and hand-wringing that comes with the “gold rush” at year-end can knock the trust out of even the most faithful of fundraisers. In fact, what with the carrying on that characterizes the season, you may find yourself worrying that you should be worried if you’re not weighed down by worry. […]

Generosity in quotes: Rabbi Andy Gordon

“You can give your required donation, but still be an inhospitable individual. A person who performs an act of loving kindness does so because of a generosity of spirit. It is always a gift of the heart. . . A truly generous person reflects upon how his/her donation can change lives. A truly generous person […]

This one thing for year-end fundraising success: listen

LISTEN. We fundraisers tend in the direction of extroversion. We’re talkers, schmoozers, people-people. We have the gift of gab. Which is all good — most of the time. We are, after all, expected to be winsome. To make a compelling a case for the organization we represent. To tell a good story. And of course, […]

Generosity in quotes: Michael Gingerich and Tom Kaden

“We don’t help people experience the abundant life by telling them they should be experiencing the abundant life. We show people how to experience this life by modeling it first. We help others experience the abundant life by taking a genuine interest in them and reminding them that someone else thinks their life is special, […]