Generosity in quotes: Tom Fiebiger

“Maybe our stewardship of white privilege looks like relinquishing seats on boards to people of color? Does it look like empowering people of color to ‘run things’? Maybe it means asking hard questions, challenging broken economic, educational, and justice systems that perpetuate racism. We can also question our own implicit racist responses to things we […]

To media-anointed religious spokespersons from a concerned evangelical Christian

I won’t mention you by name and you certainly don’t know mine. But since you’ve taken it upon yourselves to speak for me, I feel entitled to talk to you. Here’s what I want you to hear. Now that you’ve had your 15 minutes of Campaign 2016 fame, stand down. Please. Okay, so there’s nothing […]

Generosity in quotes: William Blake

“I sought my soul, But my soul I could not see. I sought my God, But my God eluded me. I sought my brother, And I found all three.”   William Blake, 18th century English poet, painter, and printmaker

Tips, strategies, and things to avoid as you plan your next board meeting

“If it weren’t for the meetings, serving on this board would be a joy. I’m all in on the mission, but one more rambling, mind-numbing agenda and I’m out of here!” I hear variations on this lament too often from board members bored out of their minds by meetings to nowhere. Perhaps you’ve said as […]

Generosity in quotes: Alexandra Benson

“My Urban Servant Corps journey led me to confront the painful realities of homelessness and poverty but also invited me to experience what it means to give generously out of God’s promise of abundance. Stewardship calls us to recognize the abundance among us and to creatively seek out how it may be shared with the […]

Overcoming low self-efficacy esteem

There’s no shortage of huge, seemingly intractable challenges waiting for solutions, and all clamoring for our philanthropic support. So many challenges in fact, that everyday folk – families and individuals more generous than wealthy – can become overwhelmed by the immensity of global needs and back off from giving anything at all. I see it […]

Generosity in quotes: G. Trish Day

“Gratitude is a reproductive habit. The more grateful we are, the more aware we are of how very much we have for which to be grateful – then we are more grateful still. Gratitude changes our posture. We become more confident and more benevolent. Our entire bodies become poised to welcome great things and more […]

The problem with “more money” as your final answer

It’s a delight when a big voice from the blogging world – someone smarter, more eloquent, and better known than me – says something that I’ve already said here at Generous Matters. I am gratified when an  issue I deemed important enough to write about gets wider play. And of course, there’s pleasure in knowing […]

Generosity in quotes: David Lose

“Absent law, it’s each person for him or herself, but when we receive the law as God’s gift to help us live into God’s dream of abundant life for all, we recognize that we are most faithful to the law when we use it to help and protect each other, not insist on it for […]

And now for a kick in the ask

If Giving USA and other such reports are believed, this is the best of times for fundraisers and the good causes for which they work. Donors dug deep in 2015 (the most recent year for which giving numbers are available), doling out a whopping $373.25 billion to their favorite causes. Individual donors upped their gifts […]