Generosity in quotes: Deb Stehlin

“The story we ground ourselves in rests in the promise that we are never alone, and that God is trustworthy. The Spirit is always calling us out of the lie of isolation and into community. The biblical message tells us that we are given enough for this day; and that God believes in us enough to make us stewards. Jesus tells us that a life given away is what gives it all meaning. This is Good News.

So here’s my big question: What if church becomes the place where people can hear this really good news, and also learn things about money that haven’t been taught by parents or schools? What if church is the place where you are invited to make a realistic budget? What if church is the place where you can align the way you use money with your deepest values? What if church is the place where you discover that your money has power to change the world when you give it away?”

Deb_StehlinRev. Deb Stehlin, pastor of Light of the World Lutheran Church in Farmington, MN, from Luther Seminary’s “Stewardship for the 21st Century” website

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