Come now, stewardship folk, let us talk together

I spend a lot of my time talking to others about the importance of them talking to others about stewardship, generosity, and giving. It’s less often, however, that I have opportunity to talk with a kindred spirit about these topics. That’s why I make a point of scheduling time with fundraiser friends.

Apparently I’m not alone in valuing conversation partners with a stewardship bent.

In an article titled “Who are you talking with?” Chick Lane, director of Luther Seminary’s Center for Steward Leaders, makes the case that “for those of us who take stewardship seriously, it is good to talk with a kindred spirit.” He continues

I think the people we talk with shape us every bit as much as the books we read, the workshops we attend and the sermons we hear. If you have some stewardship conversation partners, cultivate those relationships. Make time to just sit and talk and listen.

If you wish you had more stewardship conversation partners, I invite you to seek them out. Find a person or two from whom you can learn, with whom you can try out new ideas, and who can help you stretch your brain a little. You can do this with confidence that you will help them every bit as much as they help you.

Wherever you are in your stewardship journey—both in your personal life and in your life in a congregation—I’m confident that you will find, it’s always good to talk to another steward. It has certainly been that way for me.

So, stewardship folk, who wants to talk? You know how to reach me.

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  1. Kim Denyes says:

    I love this post! Yesterday, I was with dear friends who dared to ask how my fundraising work was going (sometimes this question seems to be avoided by friends). As I described the work in which I am involved, it was such a delight to have them listen and confirm the God’s gifts and callings in my life. I hear myself say, I would love to talk to other fundraisers about this work! Hmmmm. 🙂

    • It is great when friends who aren’t so sure about fundraising get it as they hear us talk. I’m so glad this happened for you, Kim. Keep the conversation going — including here at Generous Matters. It’s a privilege to have you as a reader — even better as a commenter.

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