And now for a break in the schedule.

Today marks the beginning of a 6-week break in my posting schedule while I ponder the future of Generous Matters. I’ve enjoyed the writing and that, along with affirming comments from regular readers, have kept me at it far longer than I anticipated at my blog’s beginning in March 2011.


But all good things must come to an end and maybe that time has come for Generous Matters. I’m not quite ready to call it quits, however, so for now, I’ll say my blog is on hiatus.

Thank you for following along as I’ve reflected publicly on issues that dominate my thinking — fundraising, board governance, stewardship, faithfulness, and generosity in all its forms. And thank you for believing with me that generous matters.



  1. Rebekah, we’ve enjoyed reading your blog! I hope it returns.

  2. Ann E. Steel says:

    I will miss your wise and insightful thoughts. Enjoy the hiatus!

  3. dorothy gish says:

    I pray that you’ll have wisdom to know what to do re: your blog.
    i have personally been blest by it.

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