Once in a while, too good is actually true

You’ve likely heard that if something seems too good to be true, it likely is. But here’s an exception to the rule that you can take to the bank.


Getting out of the office, every week, for one-on-ones with past, present, and potential donors will boost total dollars raised by your organization. Guaranteed. Year after year.

I see it all the time. Organizations have not because the CEO, board members, even development staff ask not in person, depending instead on direct mail and/or special events to get the job done. The root of the sorry financial state of funds-strapped ministries and other nonprofits is as simple as this.

And just as simple to turn around.

No fancy gimmicks or high-priced consultants required. All you need is an honest, heart-felt presentation of the great things accomplished by your organization when good people give, delivered in person, at least 10 times or more each and every month.

Maintain the pace throughout the years and you will raise more money. That’s good. And it’s true.

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  1. Thanks, Rebekah, for this great reminder! This post needs to be on a continual loop for development officers.

  2. It’s great to hear from you, Dan. Ten donor calls a month may not sound like much, but for small to mid-size organizations, it’s a pretty aggressive pace and if maintained will make a big difference. So yes, let’s keep the advice looping in development offices.

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